Renegade Recap

How to properly (and successfully!) experience Renegade San Francisco's Holiday Sale:

Pod Girl
Seek and find a modestly priced and appropriately kitschy place to rest your weary head for the weekend. Double points if it has a pod in which to pose.

Basement Cat.
Take a day to traipse through the Tenderloin, intrepidly searching for thrifty tabletop display items. Find a basement cat. Get a foamy latte from Blue Bottle Coffee. Proceed to get caught in the worst downpour of your life, sans bumbershoot. Wring yourself out and blow-dry your hair so it stops dripping everywhere.

Waiting for the F-Train in the Rain
Wait for the F-Train in the rain. Try and keep your nerves and waggling tongue at bay...

...because you are on your way to an extra-super-special surprise 30th birthday party you've been planning for your extra-super-special boyfriend!

The Booth!
Celebrate with caution, for the next step is to wake up bright and early the next morning only to schlep your wares in a big yellow taxi, unload at the bustling venue, and set up shop. (And shop looks pretty darned good if I do say! Quite proud of all my helper elves who traveled from near and somewhat far to bring me racks and hangers and vintage wash basins and typewriter tables!)

Spencer, On The Go!
Close up shop for the day and walk yourself to the most adorable 'French Takeaway' food truck. Eat your smattering of small bites in your pajamas, on your comfy motel bed, proceed to conk out.

Ornament Display
Wake up the next morning to a doubly successful day of sales...

Thrifty Display
Marvel at the fact that you indeed found on your San Francisco thrift visit a few kitschy items such as a blue-flocked wire basket to brighten your booth. Be glad Mumsy has a bit of vintage Pyrex in her cupboards available for business card and candy containment...and that she only lives a few hours away from the sale!

Granny Hoop Wall
Give boyfriend many large pats on the back, for his updated and expanded Granny Hoop Walls went exactly as planned. Cleaner, prettier, and sturdier!

Chinatown vs. North Beach
Break down your booth in record time thanks to a passel of helper elves, send an empty suitcase home with Mumsy for you seem to have much less than you arrived with (yay!), pack up the next morning and have a quiet, wandering afternoon lunch with your friends. Make your way via plane, train, and automobile back to your pokey little Pacific Northwest apartment.  And collapse, for you have successfully completed a very large, very busy, very lovely craft fair.  And you enjoyed every single minute!


  1. Congrats!!! Sounds like a great time and a great way to do a craft fair.

  2. how fun! congrats, the booth looked great. sounds like you had a wonderful time. awesome photos!

    just popping by to wish you a happy holiday!


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