Things That I Like

Mumsy used to tell me a story about my brother.  Well, actually, she still does because I think it's hilarious and I crack up every time she tells it.  There was a cat, either owned or found or it could even have been a stuffed animal...I don't remember and she's not home or I'd call her.  But the point is: this cat needed a name.  Big brother, in his little boy world, really really liked that cat.  So he appropriately named it: Cat That I Like.  See?  Hilarious!  I love it.  So in that spirit, here are a few Things That I Like.

Special Delivery
{far4} thinks you're worth it, and so do I.

Holiday Market
They put the same lights up every year, but it gets me every time. It's like I've never seen Christmas lights before.  (Photo credit goes to boyfriend on this one.  I was too impatient and wanted to keep waltzing around the empty he grabbed the camera and went to town.)

Choir Boy Argus
All work and no play is so not fun. We managed to squeeze in one little thrift visit between a trip to Ikea and the fabric store for packable booth accoutrements.  We searched and scoured for holiday bits and baubles of the vintage sort....and tucked behind some very tacky holiday wares was a bright turquoise little robe...

Our Vintage Boys Choir
...and oh what's this?  There was a whole choir!  Each with a different hued head of hair, all singing their little hearts out.  They seem to be hand-painted but it's hard to say.  This was one of those thrifty finds where before approaching boyfriend I had to guess whether he'd think I was insane or brilliant.  Luckily, he didn't give me the ol' silent-one-eyebrow-you-are-crazy-look and he loves them just as much as I do.   No need to argue my case, phew.

Hello yellow!
And lastly, I've been having some serious Pyrex withdrawals what with this lack of weekend thrifting going on lately.  Le sigh.  A new (to me) small Cinderella bowl in the brightest of yellows is a most excellent cure.  That is most certainly a thing that I like!  (Oooh, and I just noticed you can see our new 'candle' lights for the windows reflected on my Pyrex shelf doors!  Yet another thrifty weekend find.)

What lovely things are you all liking lately?  Do tell!

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  1. Oh I love thrift store finds. I love that every time I go to one I look for an original Julia Child's cookbook and last weekend I found one :).


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