Happy Presents
...to pack up our jars of late-Summer goodness and ship them off to happy recipients.

Party Bird
...to spend some much-yearned-for time in the kitchen puttering around and baking and cooking. (And using our new oh-so-adorable party bird kitchen towel from our good Renegade SF booth neighbors, The Heated. We may have purchased five of their adorable towels...but sssh, don't tell anybody...)

Cranberry Cake
...to stir and whisk and blitz.

Quiet Morning
...and eat and knit and sip.

Gingerbread Man
...to mix and cut and bake.

Rose 3
Time to take a little time...

Rose 2
...to stop...

Rose 1
...and smell the roses.

I do wish all of you rest and room to breathe during this time of high Winter holidays. Make a craft you've had on your list for awhile. Bake a cake. Eat a pie. Gather your thoughts and prepare for 2011...for I know that is what I have been doing. Ignoring my empty rack where Skipjack cowls should go, the pile of new designs hiding in a basket under the piano, the frightening business taxes that loom just around the corner...

Instead I shall continue to listen to French pop stations on boyfriend's new internet radio thingamajig, wear my new semi-old-lady plaid flannel nightgown for as many daylight hours as I can stand, and keep knitting a Christmas present for myself. Because I actually have the time.

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  1. I so wanted to be in your kitchen while you were baking. It looked so cozy great baking ambience! Isn't great to just have a little down time? Great post!

    P.S. the drive I took is past badger almost to springville :)


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