Color Surge

It has been quite dreary and grey here lately.

Wisteria Wrap
So I took a few moments out of my work day yesterday to fill my eyes with some bright and Springy colors around the house.

The sun came out for a fleeting moment, and it was gloriously bright. I threw the shades wide open and snapped some pictures as fast as my shutter would go.

And then the rain clouds rolled back in, blotting out the sun.  Pish posh.  Oh well, never mind the rain clouds.  I am hoping that the weather forecast stays with mere 'showers' for Monday as I have a slowly growing stack of something new and beautiful to take out of doors and photograph for the Etsy shop!

Have a colorful weekend, my good people! 


  1. Oh LOVE!!!! Green and orange and yellow really are the colors of January to me, because of the citrus that's starting to be just in season, and because of the freshness of those colors, perfect for the new year:)

  2. oh these pictures just brightened my day!

  3. Those are great! You sure can make ordinary things artistic. I really like the bowl of citrus.


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