Well hello there my good people!  I come to you from the land of Winter staycation, having spent the last week and a half doing a bit of 'real' work, a lot of random house cleaning, and a smidge of video game playing since boyfriend Santa bought two new-to-us Guitar Hero games for our Wii AND we scored a second guitar recently at the thrifts.  (Yes, I know, completely nerdy...but oh-so-fun.)  I feel rested, relaxed, and ready to get my business organized for tax season; a Costco trip for Quickbooks is on the list for this afternoon...and I think I'm a lot more excited about this than I should be.

But the thing I spent the most time on during my Winter staycation is this:
My Happy-Christmas-to-me Fireweed hat!  I started knitting on this little hat on our trip to San Francisco for the Renegade Craft spectacular, winding the hank of wool during the last minutes of our flight to SFO, casting on the ribbing on the way back home to SEA.  Somewhere in between Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve I deemed the ribbing a bit too loose for my taste so I ripped it out and quickly redid the ribbing on a size 5 needle, just one step down from the gauge-perfect size 6.  I added three more rows to the ribbing than the pattern calls for, making it an even ten rows on size 5 needles before I switched to size 6 needles for the body of the hat and went on my merry way with it all.

The pattern itself looks really daunting, but as the ever-talented Ysolda says in her pattern notes, it is a lot easier than you might think.  The cables look complicated but are actually quite user-friendly, and the delicate little blooms (or as Ysolda suggests, flames...and in the color I used, I think flames are apropos) are formed by doing four increases in one stitch-tres simple!  You can't quite tell where the cables and flames begin and end at this point, but that will change after a good blocking.  Another plus about this pattern: I'm not a big fan of chart reading and was quite happy that she included both a chart and written instructions for this particular pattern.

The knitting portion is done, now I just need to give it a quick soak in the washtub, a light squeeze in my official 'blocking towel', and stretch it over an appropriately sized dinner plate.  Golly gee, I wonder what kind of dinner plate I'll be using...perhaps...perhaps Pyrex?

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