Snowy Branches
Ah, a Seattle 'snow event'. Typically in the evening and nighttime hours, thus making us suit up in our snow gear at 10 o'clock at night so we can wander around our neighborhood... all the laughing people sled and slip and slide down our street... all the excited apartment dogs sniff and slip around on the sidewalks and have a general doggy freak out... cars get stuck on our street, right in front of our building, right where this massive hill we live on just starts to become an actual hill... all the nice neighbors (including boyfriend) scurry out of their buildings to help the poor souls who are panicking inside their cars with their feet glued to their brake pedals and their gloved hands gripping their steering wheels... all those nice neighbors push and shove all these cars into a good spot for safely sliding back down the half block they came up (some only to try try and try again)... someone in their tiny little car make it almost to the top, only to be rescued by some sledders and their dog, who insisted they save the day in their snow-ready truck and strap in and pull the tiny little car the rest of the way up my street.  Seriously?!

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  1. I would totally freak out if I was one of those stuck on your hill. Never driven in snow and I can promise you that I would never drive up hill in it!


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