Wednesday Women 1.19.11

Hi good people!  Just popping in between taxes and knitting on new things to share something new and nifty with you.  I have decided I want to have a little weekly feature around these here blog pages.  As you can see, I've entitled it Wednesday Women and fingers crossed very tightly, I hope to actually post something every Wednesday.  Think of it as a bit of a personal blog challenge I've decided to impose upon myself.

'What is this whole Wednesday Women thing going to be?', I hear you asking.  I suppose the little seed was planted after reading the amazing and inspiring comments a lot of you left me after I did a little post about some old pictures Mumsy and I unearthed whilst cleaning out my Grandma's house a few months ago.  A lot of you really enjoyed seeing the old photos I posted, which was surprising to me, as I oftentimes think I might be the only person in the world who is completely obsessed with looking at old photographs.  I have been proven wrong.

So I thought, 'Hey, what if I picked out an interesting old photograph of an inspiring female family member and did a little post...women...Wednesday...voila!'  Wednesday Women.  I might have a story, anecdote, quote, memory-you name it-to go with the photo.  Or I might just like what the lady happens to be wearing.  Who knows?  There may even be-gasp!-a man in the photo.  Considering we unearthed hundreds of photos, I'm not quite sure what I'll be posting! 

I have a small handful of old photos here in the pokey little apartment, but all the rest are safe and secure in Mumsy's California abode.  So I've asked her to help me out on this little project and hand pick those she finds interesting and throw them in the post as soon as possible. (The other requirement is that since a good deal of the photos had duplicates in other boxes, those might be the best to send, just in case!)

So, hello! And welcome to my first Wednesday Women post!  I hope you enjoy... mother and her INSANE pants!  Circa sometime in the mid to late 1970's I believe...and that guess is based solely on the pants.  Tee hee!


  1. This is awesome!!!!! I can't wait to read future Wednesday Women posts!!

  2. Oh Linda, she has some excellent taste! Can't wait for future photos!

  3. those pants are hilarious. I totally want a :)

  4. So glad y'all like my new little idea! I spoke with Mumsy a few days ago and alerted her to the fact that I was posting this photo on my blog and she said 'Oh, the pants with the giant red flowers?! I LOVED those pants!' Typical, typical. ;)


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