Wednesday Women 1.26.11

Hi friends, happy Wednesday!  Today's old family photograph features two women who aren't related by blood, but rather through spirit. 

On the left is my mom and on the right is my aunt, through marriage.  
I have watched, witnessed, and helped these two women scour antique store after antique store probably since my eyes popped open.  
I have warm memories of my aunt, uncle, and cousins coming to visit for a long weekend or holiday, and always on the to-do list was a trip to at least one antique store.  
The menfolk would usually find something of dire importance to do 'in the garage' and we womenfolk would pile in the car and go on an adventure. 
I remember one store in particular that was housed in, well, an old house, and my favorite place to hide was a pokey little closet, piled high with old quilts, nestled into the corner of an attic bedroom, the roof line apparent in its low, angled ceiling.
I would grab my visiting cousins hand and we would sprint up the old wooden stairs, into the attic bedroom, and jump on top of those quilts and make up stories while we waited for the two lovely ladies pictured above to finish their hunting and gathering.

It always smelled like cinnamon.

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  1. Those old memories are the best! Thanks for sharing Anna!


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