Housekeeping and Pretty Pictures

Hi friends!  I just wanted to pop over and let you all know that boyfriend and I are off on a mini-vacation to a sunny place this weekend and into next week, so it's going to be quiet around here!  
Our little trip was our Christmas present from Mumsy.
She's so smart: 'I know you kids crave sunshine in the doldrums of Winter, so your Christmas present is a trip to visit me!'
No one here is complaining.  The weekend forecast for Seattle is...rain.

We recently did a bit of cleaning and my arsenal of tools ended up being on display.  
I rather like it...

We'll be back just in time for next week's installment of Wednesday Women.  
The photo envelope I received from Mumsy is full of some amazing photographs (one is seriously old and it involves chickens) and I can't wait to share them with you good people. 
And I do hope you enjoy peeking at all the old photographs I've been sharing.
You all have left some wonderful comments about them!

Let's zoom in...there are a lot of fun things to look at...

I did a teensy bit of blog housekeeping last week: you may have noticed a few pretty pictures of Summer fruits and Pyrex have popped up on my sidebar...over there, on the right.
I wanted to liven the place up a bit so now all links to my Flickr page, Twitter page, Bloglovin' page, and my brand spankin' new Facebook page are all over there.
Whew!  I have a hard time promoting myself, it just feels so weird and self-absorbed, but I figure if I'm going to do that (which I should, I am trying to run a little business here) I'll make it look pretty!

Let's zoom in a bit more...mmm, vintage knitting goodness.

Right, so, did you know Victory Garden Yarn is on Bloglovin'?  It is.  
If you're looking for a new and nifty blog reader/subscription platform to use, Bloglovin' is quite nice, and they make it very easy for you to discover new blogs in any sort of genre you might want.  If you currently use it, don't forget to follow me!  If you want to check it out, you should, it's pretty great.

For some reason I just can't resist placing all of our CSA fruits and veggies in Pyrex...and taking their portraits.

Victory Garden Yarn is also now on Facebook.
That was a difficult decision.  And I resisted long enough.  
I really wanted to get it set up so I can eventually do special things for my Facebook followers...
Like special coupon codes (ooh la la!) and an easy place for people to post pictures of themselves wearing or decorating with anything they may have purchased from Victory Garden Yarn.
So if you are on Facebook, don't forget to 'like' Victory Garden Yarn!

We finally put our two small cowboy-themed paint-by-numbers in a frame!   
I quite like the new set-up, don't you?

Lastly, the Etsy shop will be open while we're gone on our mini-vaca, but any orders placed between today and next Tuesday will be shipped out next Wednesday.

And with all of that?  I wish you all a lovely weekend full of color, happiness, and excellent thrifting!


  1. what a beautiful post! thank you for sharing!
    so many corners of your home resemble mine. I have pyrex bowls full of fruit, flower vases, old coffee mugs, & tins full of pencils & vintage knitting needles... & vintage globes of course.

  2. have fun on your vacay! machado photo is closed for a few days as well. we need a little get away!


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