I Give You...The Wisteria Wrap!

Good evening friends! I come to you late in the day with something fresh and new for you to feast your eyes upon!  This here is my newest cozy creation (drumroll please)...

The Wisteria Wrap is lofty.

The Wisteria Wrap is utterly feminine.

The Wisteria Wrap is completely cozy.

The Wisteria Wrap is totally versatile.

And the Wisteria Wrap is my new favorite thing!

I hope you like it, because I really do.
Take a peek at all six Springy colors in the Etsy shop and let me know what you think! Perhaps you'll even want one for yourself...I know I do!
Now which color to pick...hm.


  1. Loving that plum color and the texture!

    Danielle from

  2. Those are really really pretty.


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