Meet Henry, the Wonderdoodle.

Hello there.  My name is Henry.
And I am a Goldendoodle.
My two dads went away for the weekend.  
Anna and Jon (my favorite person in the whole wide world...after my two dads) came over to hang out with me in my new house for a few days and I got to show them around the neighborhood.

Hey, hey, what is that you're doing there Anna?  
Here, let me clean your lens for you.

 I will be patient. I will be patient.
But, hey, guys? There is a duck in the water. Right over there.
I think I need to try and eat it.

 Here I am posing with Jon.
He's great.
We both like to run around.
We also both have kind of red beards.
He's great.

This is what Anna did all weekend.
I don't really understand it when she gets mad at me for rearranging all those colorful, soft balls she has sitting in her basket.
They are toys for me, after all...right?

Right before Anna and Jon left yesterday, they got all excited about something outside.
I don't know, I didn't see any raccoons or other dogs or anything.
Humans are really odd sometimes...

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