The Printed Man

Over the weekend, boyfriend took a lino-cutting and printmaking class at Seattle's Pratt Fine Arts Center.  He's been dabbling here at home with his printmaking skills for a couple of years now and is quite good, if I do say.  

One day a few years ago he announced he wanted to try his hand at carving and printmaking, which was a total surprise to me, and I was even more surprised when on my birthday a few weeks later he gave me a dishtowel he hand-printed with an amazing image he carved of Mt. Rainier.

 If you happened to pop by our little booth in San Francisco at the Renegade Holiday Fair, you may have seen (or even taken home!) some holiday themed gift tags for sale on our holiday table.  Those just so happened to be boyfriend's hand-printed gift tags.  I've sort of been hounding him to create a run of hand-printed pieces for me to test out in the Etsy shop (to fulfill the Curiosities portion) and I think the popularity of his gift tags was a good indicator that I'm not the only person who thinks he has something going for him here!

I love all of the textures and intricate little lines he uses to suggest a certain image.  
I might get in a wee bit of trouble for posting these since he gave me strict instructions on how to photograph them, as he wants to go back to his linoleum blocks and clean up some of the details of his carvings and reprint them.  
Apparently they are all still works in progress...
Tee hee.

So keep your eyes out for more news of boyfriend's curious little prints popping up in the shop some day soon, because I think they are quite lovely and I do feel that you might think so, too!

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