Think Spring

Our miniature vacation to a sunny spot proved quite invigorating to our weary, rain-drenched souls...

 All any cat ever wants in life is a handful of kibble to eat on a sun-dappled bench...

It was perfect bicycle riding weather...
except I think this cute one is firmly planted.

Harmony, Population 18.
I wonder if the cat is included in the count?

I just love Winter sunsets and all their fiery colors...
...when you can actually see them!

The kitschiest, most wonderfulest, shelliest shop on the planet.

I found the tiniest terra cotta pot in existence.
There were stacks and stacks of them.
And all I wanted to do was put them all in my suitcase
bring them home
plant tiny seeds
and line them all up on my windowsills
and wait
for tiny sprouts to show their faces.

I am sending you wishes of sunny thoughts, tiny sprouts, and blue skies.
Perhaps it will make Springtime come a'calling!

1 comment:

  1. tee-hee-hee
    i have seen those itty bitty terra cotta pots before & they are the sweetest! your trip looks like it was indeed refreshing & photo-tastic.


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