Wednesday Women 2.2.11

Circa 1969
Oh grandma.  Yes, yes of course you chose the pair that not only highlighted your eyes, but that also complimented your blouse quite nicely.

I find it kind of humorous that little square pictures with white borders, funny light leaks, and washed out colors are no longer de rigueur in the photography world. These days we're armed with iphones, photo altering tools and applications to make our pictures look like they're old.

And no one even bothers to print them out.
Or put them in a frame.
And that's just kind of sad.
I say we start a revolution. Print! Print!
Who's with me?

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  1. i was thinking just how sad it is that my photo album collection stopped around 2007. there's nothing like sitting down and flipping through an old album. i want to do something about it, but it's so daunting a task, so many photos. but i really do want to join your revolution...

    and you're so right, about how there is all this technology now to replicate what was the result of a lack of technology then.


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