Wednesday Women 2.9.11

Me would be one Miss Beryl Hughes, at this point in her life still a Miss Beryl Powers.
She is my great-grandmother.
Born in 1898.
She grew up in Texas.
This photo was most likely taken in the late 'teens.
Sometime during her college years.
Sometime around when she got married.
 And I do so love her pinafore's nod to maritime fashion.

She played the piano, just like me. I remember being quite little and visiting her in the nursing home. Even though she couldn't remember who most people were, her face lit up whenever I came to visit. I remember my mother and grandmother urging me forward to go kiss her on the cheek and I never quite knew how she would react. But a twinkly little smile would move across her face and her eyes would brighten.

She would always sit at the piano in the dreary little entertainment room and while she had an impossible time of speaking, she suddenly transformed when she sat in front of that piano. Her hands would move and play and whirl across those ivory keys in perfect time, almost never missing a note.

And every person in the room would smile.

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  1. I am loving your Wednesday Women posts. All these old pictures and the stories of the people in them -♥- I hate seeing old photos at auctions or thrift stores. They make me think why didn't their family know who they were and want to keep that photo.


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