Chicago Travelogue: Part One

Hi friends! I have finally returned from the land of wind, snow, Wrigley's chewing gum, delicious Italian food, and gorgeous skyscrapers. Otherwise known as: Chicago! I can't believe I only had five days to explore this fair city, I feel like I didn't cover enough ground....

The beginning of our trip started out with a bang, quite literally.  During the final approach of our flight into O'Hare, there was a bright white flash of light, a big bang, and a big jolt to our plane.  I screeched, grabbed boyfriend and the seat in front of me, and then the entire plane went silent.  Even the flight attendants (after one of them screamed and jumped herself) uttered nary a peep over the intercom.  Nothing was said, no one acknowledged it.  Our plane landed, we all departed...  

Little did we know that our plane was actually struck by a stray lightning bolt up in those clouds.  And it didn't choose to strike just anywhere, oh no, it struck the engine of all places!  Boyfriend actually saw a bright orange flash on the engine (he had the window seat, hmph) whereas I saw a bright white flash of light throughout the entire plane.  Not cool

But, we made it!  And while boyfriend worked and worked, I walked and walked and are some photos from my first lazy, snowy day in Chicago.

The Old Chicago Water Tower and Pumping Station.
Oone of the only remaining structures after the Great Fire.

A snowy hotel room view.
(The snow was actually moving horizontally, from left to right, I kid you not.)

Gino's East Pizzeria.
We were the obvious West Coasters who ordered thin crust...

It only seemed appropriate... leave our little mark.

An evening walk in the snow...

...led to some pretty scenes.

I'll be back next week with more from my Chicago Travelogue.  In the meantime, I think boyfriend and I might actually have a chance to go thrifting this weekend...I don't think that's happened for weeks!


  1. These photos made me homesick, even for the horizontal snow! But then I remembered all that back-breaking snow shoveling at 5:30 AM before work/school, cars that wouldn't start, and walking a mile from the train to home in below zero windchills. I LOVE Chicago, but please don't make me EVER buy a snow shovel again! Been there, done that, no do-overs!

  2. First time I've seen your blog -- sent over from Pyrex Collective -- and I have to tell you I can't stop looking at that black-and-white sheep photo. I just love it. Also, I'm wondering if all the passengers on that plane now know what electro shock therapy is like!


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