Chicago Travelogue: Part Three

Hi friends!  Herein lies the final installment of my Chicago Travelogue.  I get a bit camera, architecture, and history happy when I case you couldn't tell...but thanks for bearing with me while I share my travels with you all!

After my epic seven mile walk the day before I decided that something a little more relaxing was in order for day number four, so I took advantage of the Chicago History Museum's free admission Mondays and learned a great deal about the history of the city.
For instance: did you know that Kraft Macaroni and Cheese is from Chicago?  Brilliant place.

The lobby of the museum.

When on vacation, one must visit a French Bistrot and not only imbibe a glass of wine but a miniature creme brulee and cappuccino.
Once must also get gussied up and wander through The Gold Coast neighborhood with their nerdy architectural walking tour brochure and find beautiful old buildings.  (Such as the original Playboy Mansion-it's totally unassuming and amazing!)

The next day, take your time at the Contemporary Museum of Art (free on Tuesdays!) and be astounded by Jim Nutt's surreal and amazing use of color in his portraiture.
Wander over the river and through the...buildings. at your culinary hero's restaurant once again for dinner...

She gathered the small boy in her arms.
(That's actually torn paper...amazing.)

I am a firm believer in nighttime city walks.
The lights.  The stillness.  The silence.
The little things you didn't see during the day seem to show their faces during the night...


I hesitated taking a picture of this landmark during the day...only because I knew it would be so much better at night!

My favorite favorite Chicago building.  
Louis Sullivan was Chicago's architectural brainchild during the late 1800's, contributing to the city's skyline with a handful of skyscrapers as well as a temporary building for the World's Columbian Exposition.
This particular Louis Sullivan creation, the Carson, Pirie, Scott and Company Building, has the most amazing ornamentation on it's facade AND it currently sits empty...I was obsessed.

The Cloud Gate (the Bean) sculpture revisited...

Visitors to Chicago be advised: definitely visit the Cloud Gate during the day but DO come back at night-it is breathtaking!

And really fun to photograph...

...see if you can find the ghostly figure in this one...
...the same ghostly figure who took the photo floats in it somewhere...

At the end of our nighttime walk, we literally stumbled upon the infamous Billy Goat Tavern, forever immortalized on Saturday Night Live with 'Cheeseborgers, Cheeps, and No Pepsi-COKE!'

So naturally I had to purchase some cheeps.
(And a grilled cheese.)

Our sixth and final day left boyfriend with no more work to do and many hours to kill before our nighttime flight.
So we visited the Renegade Handmade brick and mortar store in Wicker Park!
And the lovely ladies there enlightened us: our snapshot is featured on their San Francisco Holiday Show homepage, eep!

On our Wicker Park jaunt I paused on the sidewalk to double check my handy dandy Google Map app and boyfriend said, 'Um, ah, uh, that's a yarn shop...'
Most excellent.

We ended our Chicago journey at a very lovely Lovely Bakeshop.
Then hopped a bus back to our hotel, grabbed our luggage from the hotel porter, walked to the 'L', rode to O'Hare, and had a very quiet flight home to Seattle-without any lightning strikes this time.

Chicago, it's been real.
I'll see you again sometime soon.


  1. You definitely covered all of your bases in the Windy City!
    I've been to The Bean during the day before but HAD NO IDEA it was so magical at night! Love that pic!

  2. you have so much goodness on your blog!! It's such a joy to read!
    I have been loving all of the Chicago posts & photos.
    & I adore the Wednesday vintage family photos!


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