Chicago Travelogue: Part Two

On our third day in Chicago, I found myself with an entire day ahead of me to do with as I would.  Sans boyfriend and sans falling snow, I decided to go for a walk.  And I don't mean just any walk.  In typical Anna fashion I filled up my water bottle, secured my camera in my purse, threw on the handknits and the Converse, and proceeded to walk approximately seven miles through the very heart of the city.  

Armed with my trusty phone version of Google Maps (the only application I will ever need) to guide my way, I started my epic exploration at Navy Pier...

I get the feeling that Navy Pier in Summer is an entirely different beast...

...for in Winter it was enveloped with an eerie, quiet iciness.

I wandered from Navy Pier toward the South Side of the Chicago River, and on my merry way I happened upon a tiny, snow dusted canal and some quietly quacking friends.

After inspecting an old black and white photograph in our hotel room, I kept mumbling to boyfriend: I must find those old skyscrapers, I must find those old skyscrapers...

...and once I found those old skyscrapers, the sun decided to come out.

Continuing Southward on my journey I paused at an intersection, looked down (for I had been ambling down the sidewalk looking straight up at the tippy-tops of the beautiful old buildings) and there was the Old Chicago Library, currently known as the Chicago Cultural Center.  There wasn't much for me to do in there other than warm my thighs (the only part of me not doubled or tripled up with layers) and stare with mouth agape at this beautiful Tiffany dome. self-guided walking tour pamphlet told me to head West and I would find the old Marshall Field building...

Just across Michigan Avenue I found the Cloud Gate sculpture, otherwise known as The Bean... 

A silly self portrait...
My Wisteria Wrap got so many compliments during our trip and it made me so proud to say, Hey thanks, I created it! And you could have one too!
I just love the astounded reactions I get.  It's like receiving a great big pat on the back.

Which way is up?

As I continued South through the edge of Millennium Park, following the path of Michigan Avenue...

...the Sunday evening strollers thinned out, the cars quieted, and the snow was untouched.

I found this creature lurking outside of the Field Museum.

My seven mile journey ended on a quiet note, crunching through the thin layer of snow behind Soldier Field, heading down parts of the Lake Michigan lakefront trail, and ending at the over-sized exhibition hall where boyfriend was stationed.

Luckily there was a shuttle back to our hotel.
Where I promptly soaked my tired feet.

Stay tuned for more of my Chicago Travelogue over the next few days!

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