The Elusive Thrift

Did we...could we...have we...we DID?! 
We went thrifting! 
It has been a very long time, but we actually found some Pyrex last weekend.

The few times we have recently ventured out on our thrift store circuit, the only bits of Pyrex we've found have been faded, dishwasher-ed, overpriced, and horribly scratched and abused.
No thank you.

This time we lucked out and found what we think to be the middle bowl to the three bowl set of Horizon Blue mixing bowls (we think).  It is in a gently used and flea-bitten state...but we'll take it!

We also nabbed a mod/dot snowflake loaf pan that was trying to remain hidden from sight...but I spotted it lurking on a bottom shelf just waiting to be taken home and scrubbed up.
(And it may have been the best Pyrex deal we've ever had: everything in the store was half off last Saturday, resulting in a whopping $1.50 price tag!)

Boyfriend has recently been stalking the pages of Ebay for vintage paint-by-numbers at a good price, and lo and behold he has actually lucked out on some large lots of fantastic pieces at ridiculously low prices.
I think he said this kitschy piece plus the five others that came with it were a whopping $19 total.

Now we just need an empty wall big enough so I can photograph them

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