A Springtime Squirrel Tail

Every year, some time in the middle of March, I find myself thinking of one thing and one thing only: flowers.
I start to get anxious and emotional every time I walk into the grocery or drug store and see the happy little trays of new blooms waiting outside for someone to take them home and nurture them.
(I'm serious, I get emotional...go figure.)

I need flowers in my life.

Unfortunately for those of us who reside in this pokey little apartment, we have lately had to deal with a very pesky fire escape squirrel.
A fire escape squirrel who not only digs around in our miniature fire escape flower garden, but who also buries odd bits of food, and roots out and severs things he as a squirrel is not supposed to like (mint and rosemary anyone?) in our miniature fire escape flower garden.
Chews on our helpless jade plant.
Sits and stares at me when I rattle the window.

The piece de resistance in what we now refer to as 'The Battle with the Devil Squirrel' or 'Operation Squirrel Be Gone' (depending on how upset we are at any given time) has been Sir Squirrel happily gathering leafy nesting materials, waltzing up to our fire escape, ripping out not only the grapefruit mint but the just-blooming alyssum (which he didn't even bother to use as cozy nesting materials), then laying down and proceeding to nap in a freshly emptied flower pot.

The audacity.

I would just like to inform Sir Squirrel that we have moved things indoors and that I spent my first day of Spring catching up on my National Geographic reading, sipping coffee out of a pristine pink Pyrex cup and saucer set, crocheting a little something new, and catching the light scent of pansies and violas on the breeze coming in through my window.

And he can't have them.

I would also like to inform Sir Squirrel that the pretty flower pots we hesitantly planted outside (which I did not photograph...must add that to the to-do list) not only have lovely new flowers in them, but a granular substance consisting of odiferous bodily liquids from a coyote (ew) that he is not supposed to like.

And that if Sir Squirrel even dares to go near my new pink ranunculus with the bright green center that hasn't even started blooming yet, his tail will be worn around this pokey little apartment as a very tiny but cozy head dressing.
(Okay, not really, but my tiny patch of grey hairs is expanding and I choose to blame it all on this little rodent.  That's how irked I am.)

While Sir Squirrel may not see the usual fortress of bamboo skewers we normally put in our pots as a deterrent, he should still BEWARE.

That is all.  Carry on!

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  1. spring has me itching for flowers too! just planted a few in planters for my kitchen windowsill. yours are gorgeous! stay away sir squirrel!


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