The Thrifted Kitchen

This morning I sat down at my newly rearranged and re-purposed kitchen table/indoor flower garden as I so often do.
I poured my little Pyrex mug full of coffee, plonked down in my red, sparkly, retro-inspired kitchen chair, peeked at the pansies and violas and English daisies to make sure they were in fact still there and not half nibbled by some phantom indoor squirrel during the night.
And I started to look around...

I'm not sure exactly when it happened, but the contents of our pokey little kitchen and dining nook appear to be almost more than half thrifted or antiqued.
And I think I like that!

Have you ever met our little dining nook?  No, I don't believe I've properly introduced you.
Welcome!  But mind yourself, it's tiny.
You've seen glimpses of it in all those happy pictures of Pyrex I take on our old, red, Formica table, the right hand window showing the big happy (pollen and squirrel filled) Cedar tree right outside.
You may have seen it set up for 'Operation Get Thee to the Craft Fair' in the recent past.
The kitchen table, as tiny as it and this room both are, has changed location about fifteen different times in the almost seven years we've lived here...not sure how that is possible but it happened.
(Both the seven years and the table relocation...)

Our Pyrex collection has ballooned and what used to be personal yarn storage (In the kitchen? I know, makes no sense...) has now been converted to full blown Pyrex storage central.
It's a bit haphazard and (for once in my life) not arranged by color but by weight and size-Ikea shelves will only hold so much.
But it reminds me of a Mad-Hatter-hosted tea party and that makes me happy.

I find myself wanting to sit in our little dining nook all day long, soaking up the morning sun coming through one window and lingering long enough to catch the last fading afternoon rays through the other.
It's a good thing I do most of my work from home.
Boyfriend went fishing...and came home not with a fish but a Spring Blossom casserole to complete our set.  LOVE!
The onset of Spring and with that the ever-predictable desire to weed out, clean up, and rearrange our belongings has bitten.  Boyfriend and I were discussing how much stuff we always seem to have pushed away in the back of cupboards or closets or even under tables (stacks of Pyrex under our bar, anyone?) and the fact that we have all of this amazing vintage kitchenware that we do actually use...more so than our new kitchenware.
So we've come up with a solution: this weekend, starting with the kitchen, we're going to (once again, I feel like we've done this so many times) actually sit down and see how many plates we have, how many cups, how many bowls (excluding Pyrex, ahem), and decide if we have a comparable vintage piece that we already own and simply get rid of the newer item.
Obviously this won't work with everything, but, for instance: we have plain white plates we realized we never even use any more.  Why?  Because we have incredible thrift luck and have found not only a full set of pink Pyrex dishes for four, but most of a set of green Pyrex dishes for eight.  Not to mention the full set of 1940's China we scored long ago at a thrift, that never gets used because it is stored in a tippity-top cupboard that we can't reach without hopping up on a chair. 
And why is it stored up there?  Because our twelve pint glasses and boring old wine glasses we never use are hogging up all the easily-accessible cupboard space.
Who wants to use a plain old white dish when you have gorgeous Pyrex and fancy China to use instead?!

This little filly is the newest kitchen addition...impeccably hand-embroidered and only two dollars, TWO!

Obviously we're not getting rid of all our new kitchen items (hands off the Creuset!) but all of the extraneous things for which we already own the better, kitschier, vintage replacement.

We've had these for a coon's age but I keep forgetting to photograph them!  Not Pyrex but Fire King, and not in perfect shape (tiny hairline cracks) but not leaking!  Also: they were boyfriend's pick...can you tell?

We're going to be ruthless with our kitchen purge and I think it's going to feel good.
Although inevitably I know I will pull something out of a cupboard and start to cave in and say, 'Well, um, yeah, so, we have room for this mug...right...right?!'
But I can't do that.
I have to remind myself that all of this stuff we have is simply clogging up our apartment.  And that's just not healthy for us creative types.
I know none of this is anything new to anyone, but sometimes you just look around and say Holy moly, where did all of this stuff come from?  And do I even need it!?
Maybe you'll be inspired to do the same...


  1. Love your retro kitchen! I have that same cup in the first picture :)good luck with taking out the old.

  2. Totally drooling over your cupboards of eclectically stacked Pyrex!
    I think the kitchen purge is a great idea- I've been slowly but surely replacing all my more modern "junk" with vintage "treasures" as well :) Currently on the lookout for a harvest gold colored blender!

  3. what a great post. you really need to put a warning on a such a pyrex-heavy post. so gorgeous and SO many! love them.

    the red table is incredible. of course.

    the little bureau to the left, is that an ikea fold-out design? it looks familiar. again, perfect for little spaces.

    thanks for sharing your photos.

  4. Love the kitchen! The purge is something I have been doing too. I gave away almost all of our French White once I had collected enough vintage pyrex and we replaced our modern everyday dishes with vintage Noritake two years ago. Using the vintage brings pleasure to the everyday.

  5. Nice Pyrex stash. I love those logging mugs!


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