Wednesday Women 3.16.11

In apology for failing to post a pretty vintage photo last Wednesday, I thought it only fair to reward you all with a photo with a whole bevy of pretty ladies this week!

On our miniature California vacation last month, I asked my mom to please bring a handful of photographs I could sift through in my hunt for those that struck the right chord with me. 
She found a box I hadn't glanced at during all the hullabaloo that came with cleaning out nooks and crannies of my grandmother's house last year, so sitting down at the kitchen table and going through them all with a clear head was quite a treat.

Being the photo-hound that I am, I'm pretty good at recognizing my relatives from other old photographs I've looked at over and over and over again.  
But as I pulled this particular photograph out of the box, I could only pick out two or three faces I knew: my grandfather (a person I never met, being one of the babies of the family and coming along sort of late) who is on the right hand side of the photo, holding one of my uncles; and then my mom, only about six years old, front and center holding her little purse.

I inspected it at close range then handed it over to my mom with a questioning look and a 'Who are all of these people?'  Her glasses went on, she did her inspection, and then a big smile spread over her face.
'Oh, you know what? I'm almost certain this is one of the big Portuguese festas we used to attend every year with our neighbors and friends.  Homemade linguica, sweet fresh baked breads, stews, a big harvest, lots of dancing and was wonderful!'

That side of the family hailing from the Azore Islands and settling in Central California with a lot of other Azorean and Portuguese immigrants throughout the 1900's, it would all make perfect sense.
As my mom inspected it a little more, she recognized the man and woman standing next to my grandfather as a cousin and his wife.

The entire setting is perfect and so bucolic to me.
The ladies in their perfectly plaid button-up shirts.
The outrageously poufed and curled early 1950's hair.
The rolled dungarees and the woman on the left with her little sneakers and white socks.
Wagons and picnic baskets and people lazily strolling about in the background.
The orchard they happen to be posing in.

I want to go to there...

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