Windy City Bound!

Hello friends!  I do apologize for it being so quiet around here lately but boyfriend and I have been quite busy working, cleaning, packing, laundering, and generally preparing for a trip to...Chicago!  Tomorrow!  Boyfriend and I very luckily managed to work out all the details for me to accompany him to Chicago for a whopping six days (and only $100!) while he works at a large travel trade show.  Unfortunately, he will most likely be working the entire time we are in the Windy City, but that just means I get to explore a completely new city on my own.   

And I am very excited.

Last week, in preparation for our trip, I tested out some cute uber-cold weather outfits during a rather cold bit of weather we had here in Seattle.
(We've recently been having some weather with acute indecision problems. Today is a good example: rain, wind, sun, hail, thunder, possibility of snow tonight?)
I must say, as you may have noticed from recent pictures, I continually wear my Wisteria Wrap whenever I leave the house and am quite smitten with it's performance in rain, wind, snow, and hail - it is most definitely in the 'to-pack' pile!
I love it when something I've worked hard to design just works, you know...?

My trusty camera and computer are also going along with me so be on the lookout for some travel updates next week!  I can't wait to see what there is to see...
Bon voyage for now!

*As per the usual, the Etsy shoppe will be open while I am away, but orders won't be shipped until late next week!*

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  1. Awesome- there is truly so much to explore in Chicago! Have fun!!


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