An Email Conversation. About a Stockpot.

Excerpts from an email, between a boy and a girl, on a typical weekday, in your typical town, about a typical...stockpot.

 Boy: Hey! You can't leave the house today. A package is coming.
 Girl: Really? You're telling me I can't leave? Track it. See if it's actually coming. I have things to do, sir.  Like dry my hair and trot to the bank.  And this better not be for one of your fly-tying Ebay get a package, like, every day.  It's depressing.

Boy: Ah. Wait. Hold on. Things are weird. It started as UPS, changed to FedEx, now it's listed as USPS. It should be...downstairs!  And no, it's not a fly-tying Ebay purchase.  It's for YOU.

Girl: FOR ME?!  Can I open it, can I open it?!
Boy: Duh.

(Does happy tiny kitchen dance.)

 Girl: But wait. The stockpot I showed you was $50, granted it was marked down from $120.  But even still, I wasn't really planning on purchasing something we didn't really need anytime soon...

Boy: Ah, but I had credit card points I could use toward it, so it was only $20!
Girl: Oh.  Oh my.  That changes things.  Yippeeeee!  Where's the canning book, let's get crackin'!

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