A Ramble and a Favorite Find.

The Ramble:
Most every day I stay at home and work I find that come three o'clock my mouth starts watering and I develop a hankering for a liquid pick-me-up.
While I would be perfectly happy starting happy hour a bit on the early side of things, I generally lean toward something of the caffeinated variety...like tea.

In The Great Kitchen Purge of 2011, boyfriend and I unearthed a great many things from the deep dark depths of our cupboards, including a giant wood salad bowl we forgot we owned, gifted kitchen gadgets we never took out of the packaging, and a lot of condiments.
But one thing we found in mass quantity of boxes, tins and bags, was tea.
Green, black, white, red.
You name it, we have some.  And what you see above isn't even half of it all.  We have a lot.

So, in addition to the numerous other 'eco-pacts' I've made with myself (music eco-pact: I will purchase no more physical CDs, only digital will be purchased in this household; coffee eco-pact: no more takeout coffee cups, I'm only allowed to purchase coffee whilst out and about if I have my travel mug with me; and quite a few more pacts...) I have created a new eco-pact: if I want something to drink in the afternoon I am not allowed to go out and buy a latte (with my travel mug, of course) but I must stay at home and drink some of this two tons of tea we own.
Because why should I be consuming something new when I already have something to consume?

The Favorite Find:
This is the point at which I lead you back to the Great Kitchen Purge and the Favorite Find.
At some point in our huffing and puffing and lying on our stomachs wearing headlamps with both our heads halfway in our most annoying and horribly situated kitchen cupboard (glad I don't have a photograph of that), boyfriend yanked out the last of the contents and lo and behold, there was my tray.

This little tray was found in a musty, moldy thrift in good ol' Eureka, California.
This little tray was picked up by a college girl, putting on a brave thrift store face to please her college boy, for at this point in her life the only form of thrift the college girl had been exposed to were cinnamon-scented antique stores where everything was shined up and displayed to perfection.
This little tray was (probably) only a dollar.
And this little tray has just never received it's proper use.  And that's just a downright shame.
It has been shoved in a cupboard, moved to a different state, shoved in another cupboard, and only brought out for a special occasion or two.

So where does this lead me in my thrifty, tea-filled ramble?
This little tray is now my official Afternoon Tea Time tray that makes me smile every time I use it.
And it makes my little eco-tea-pact that much more rewarding.

What is one of your favorite thrifty finds and how do you like to use it?
Do share!


  1. A great story and appropriate since Earth Day is coming up on Friday. I love your eco-pacts! We must all learn to reuse, recycle and repurpose!

  2. Ohmygosh, that tray is just TOO ADORABLE! I can't stand it! Plus, it's all you need to know about nutrition, really. : )



  3. Oh my what a great find! I think my favorite thrifty find is my red chair. It's my father in-laws favorite spot to sit when he comes over and that makes me smile that he has "his" chair even in our home.


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