A Small Patch of Spring

 Well hello there.
Welcome to my miniature flower garden.
Our fire escape is tad small and we wouldn't want to completely block our only means of escape in the event of an emergency...

 But while we may be lacking in space, we certainly aren't lacking in drama.
A pale green petaled center gives way to a shock of fuchsia, peppered with delicate little droplets from a gentle Spring rain.

Romantic and tea-stained, my pale pink pansies tip their petals to me in the breeze. 

A just-blooming bud gives me a humble bow before he rises for his curtain call...
...while an older player watches from the wings, wearing his dew-dropped costume.

This is my small patch of Spring.
What does Spring look like in your home?


  1. oh this is just gorgeous!

    here? the snow is melting (again) and while that is a very positive move, everything is currently a bit of a muddy mess.

  2. Aw what a perfect little colorful patch of spring you've got! I don't have too much evidence of the season at my place yet - I started some seedlings for my veggie garden and I have some lovely orange tulips too! Nothing as gorgeous as these guys though! Happy spring!

  3. Beautiful!

    Tenderly-tended flowers, pictured with heart (and art), described with finesse and humour.

  4. Is that a ranunculus up there? MY FAVORITE!

  5. Lovely! It's always so inspiring when people make the best use of their space, no matter how small it is.


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