Spring Weekend

My weekend was chock full of Springy, sunshiny things.
Like secret couch knitting...

A free The Head and The Heart show in honor of Record Store Day 2011.
(Not familiar with these guys and gal?  You should be.  They are amazing.)

A preemptive Summer dinner full of not-quite-in-season ingredients like cherry tomatoes, basil and mint.
Sometimes it tastes really darned good to bend my 'only buy in-season produce' rule.

No, not church...

 ...pizza!  For brunch.  With an egg on top.

Blue skies.

And blossoms.

How was your weekend?  I hope it was lovely.


  1. It was! Thank you for asking. : )

    My weekend also included records and brunching and blossoms. Two spring necessities, I think. Going to check out The Head and the Heart now, since I keep hearing so much about them.



  2. You are so right: blossoms and brunch! I love when the wind picks up and the blossoms scatter everywhere and it looks like it's snowing. Ah, sigh.

    Yes, The Head and the Heart. Do it. Now. You will LOVE them. I just can't say that enough! :)

  3. Ok, so what was that dinner with basil, tomatoes, pine nuts in a blender - sounds great!

  4. Oooh, it was so delicious! It's the Cold Tomato Mint Spaghetti recipe from Lidia's Italy! I would have written it out for y'all, but I followed it to the dot and that's not exactly allowed. :)


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