Wednesday Women 4.27.11

I had a chat with my mom this morning. Reminded her it's Wednesday and therefore time to pick an old photograph from the lot.
She loves hearing which picture I've chosen each week and what I happened to say about it.
Sometimes I even call and ask what her first thoughts are about whichever picture I'm thinking of posting.

This week I said, 'Oh, so mom. I'm posting that sweet sweet picture of Great Grandma Hughes in her little nurse uniform, with her little dogs sort of trying to tip her over at the feet...any thoughts?'

And my mother reminded me of something I completely forgot about my Great Grandma Hughes:
She absolutely loved giving massages to anyone she could get her hands on.
Feet, hands, back, head, arms, legs.
At a restaurant waiting for the dessert to arrive?  She would silently reach for your hands and start massaging them.
It's Thanksgiving and you're all lying around trying to stay awake for the next football game, after eating half a turkey: suddenly there she was at your feet, rubbing and kneading and (usually) making you squirm in pain and relief because she was just so good at it.

Even little old me, as a child: there she would be slipping off my patent leather Mary Janes and giving me a foot rub.
And I loved it.

As my mother said, she liked to care for people any way she could. Be it as a nurse in her adorable uniform (look at that hat!) or simply by giving an amazing foot rub to those she loved most dearly.

I'm so glad my mom reminded me of that memory.

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