Eastern Washington Travelogue: The Polaroid Edition

Being the wanderers and sun lovers that we are, me and my main squeeze decided a teensy little journey to an unknown corner of our state of Washington was in order.  
A journey full of sun.  
And plenty of stops at roadside thrifts.  
And knitting by the campfire.  
And waking up with the sunrise and the sound of hundreds of migratory birds buzzing around the lake.

Hiking one mile up in the air.
To the top of a giant, flat rock.

Lakeside sightseeing, pretending we're in the Grand Canyon.
Because I swear we drove through some sort of wormhole and ended up somewhere in Arizona.

Stopping along the way and chatting with the people who still believe in the need for a good roadside inn.

Coming up over a rise in the road...

...gasping in tandem...

...and finding ourselves in the middle of a hay field, an abandoned schoolhouse presiding over it's grassy knoll with dignity and poise.

*None of the Polaroids seen here (nor any of my previously blogged Polaroids) have been altered and are the genuine thing.  The photographs above were all taken with a SLR680 Polaroid camera and 600 film.  The photographs above were also all taken by my handy dandy Polaroid photographer boyfriend.  If I could actually pry it out of his hands for two seconds, I'd take some myself.  But as it is, I (mostly) just tell him what to photograph and he goes to town.  So there you have it.*


  1. Ah the washed out feel to the polaroids in so perfect!! Looks like you embraced what it really means to take a roadtrip and explore!

  2. Thanks Alyssa Bee! The particular camera we used is GREAT: it focuses really well and we both decided that the lighter the pictures the better! :))


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