Wednesday Women 5.11.11

Hi friends! It is Wednesday and once again I find myself being drawn to photographs of my grandmother from what seems to be a series taken during a trip she took in her youth.

I'm still yearning for a road trip sometime soon.
The kind where you drive for hours and hours, stopping wherever you please.
Watching the landscape slip and slide from evergreens to wheat fields to snow-topped granite peaks.
Watching the pavement roll out in front of your windshield and melt into the horizon.
Driving with all the windows down, the car a complete mess, hair flying in your face.
Wondering where you'll be setting up your campsite come evening time.
 Cooking meals over a crackling fire.

I'd like to think my grandmother was on a similar journey of her own when this photograph was taken.
But that will forever remain a mystery.

Here's to unexplored corners of the world and finding yourself in them.


  1. I love this series! Aren't old family photos the best?!



  2. I found your blog through The Pyrex Collector. I love the Wednesday Women and your great photos. I am now a follower

  3. Thanks ladies! I'm completely obsessed with old photographs-from my family or not!

    Welcome Charlotte, I hope you enjoy my little blog! :)

  4. hi
    nice post


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