Wednesday Women 5.18.11

a. I have modern recreations of that chair my grandmother is so delicately leaning on, but in bright candy apple red. 

b. I'm pretty sure that's my great-grandmother's sewing table peeking in from the right side of the photograph, which now lives at my mom's house.  And I do so covet it...I just need to learn how to sew!

c. I feel like she could walk right out the door in that outfit today and nobody would blink an eye.
Funny how that happens...

d. Can we please talk about that adorable television!?  
There's a bit of a story to it: my mother remembers her dad proudly coming home with it one afternoon, driving down the dusty lane, kids running out to greet him, hopping out of his old truck with the television ready to be unloaded.
And then my grandmother came out of the house...and was not happy.  Put her foot down.  Told him to return it.
But they kept it, and my mother has very fond memories of sitting as close to the television as her mother would allow, her three little brothers sandwiched in alongside her, watching Gunsmoke and old western movies.

I hope you all are having a happy Wednesday!

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