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Hi friends!  You may have noticed a new addition to the sidebar of my blog: a blog button!
I know a lot of people out there in blog-land like to grab buttons from their favorite blogs and proudly display them on their own blog to help 'get the word out', if you will, so I thought I'd try my hand at crafting my own teensy little blog button in case any of my lovely readers out there are button people!
Not half bad for my first attempt, if I do say.
(Actually, you should see my real first is...atrocious.)
(No, wait, you shouldn't see it, too embarrassing.)

I was inspired to do this quite some time ago by the lovely Sarah of anonymous was a woman.
She created a few buttons of her own and gave some tips and tricks and I found myself thinking, well hey, that looks fun, I should do that, too!
Here is her post on the subject, which also links to a great tutorial that will explain just how to get that little html code box to show up properly underneath your pretty button.

I'd sure be tickled pink if any of you wanted to display my new blog button on your blogs.
Give me a shout out if you do and I'll link to you on my Links page!

1 comment:

  1. Gorgeous! Just as soon as I get my own blog up and running I'll be pinching it to add to my sidebar for you.


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