Off the Hook (and Needles)

Yes, I am fully aware that is a horrid title for this blog post.  
But I fear whatever it is I am allergic to in this lovely state of Washington (didn't have allergies 'til we moved here...just sayin') plus the dreaded anti-histamine I do so loathe taking has turned my brain into a puddle of sap.

The thing that worries me is that somewhere in the fog of decongestant and the constant tea-drinking of the past few days, I've managed to create something.

I suppose the only confusing part is that the one thing is oh-so-Summery and festive while the other thing is a gigantic, yarn-sucking, size-50-needle-requiring piece of amazingness that actually makes me want to skip over Summer and jump straight in to Winter.

Oh no.  I really didn't say that.  I swear.  That's the antihistamine talking!

Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming (non-allergy-drug-induced) posts about these new things getting their deserved debut in ye olde Etsy shoppe!
Just have to work out the kinks and technical bits...goody, goody gumdrops.

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  1. you are so talented, my sweet friend! and this post made me smile:) oh the wonders of allergy meds!


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