On blankets and haystacks.

 I never thought the day would come...

...but I can now officially announce that the knitting portion of my log cabin blanket is complete!
Three and a half years in the making and I can finally say those words.  I'd say it's been incubating long enough, wouldn't you?!
I really, finally, definitely, totally ran out of yarn.
Well, to rephrase that: I do have yarn left in the basket, but not enough of the next color in the 'spiral' to complete a full color block.  Therefore I ran out of yarn!

We took advantage of our Eastern Washington road trip to snap some windy, hay-laden photos of the blanket while it was still in the final stages of being knit.  I think I still had one or two more color blocks to knit at this point, which only left me the border to knit up at the end.  
The border that had to be knit in four separate pieces.  
The border that caused me to have a full freak out because I ran out of yarn on the very last portion.
The border that had to be un-knit stitch by stitch and then re-bound off so I could poach some yarn off the finished portions for the fourth and final portion that just needed a teensy bit more yarn.
The border that is now two rows short on all sides but, ssshh, no one need know that.

Now the only thing left
...oh man...
the only thing left is to weave in


  1. Wow, it's just stunning! Congratulations on getting it finished!

  2. You blanket is beautiful!! You have made me feel so much better about the length of time my log cabin blanket is taking me :-) I am on the third year ... the only problem with mine is I promised it to my sister as a birthday gift ummmmm 3 years ago :-) Oh well if it comes out as nice as yours it will be well worth the wait!!!! Enjoy!!!!!

  3. Thanks y'all!

    SewKnit: I TOTALLY know how you feel! And it is SO worth the wait-I'm still in love with it even though I've been cursing it daily. I'm actually getting closer to the 4 year mark with this blanket so I'd best get those ends taken care of before that arrives! :)


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