Special Delivery: New Hoops in the Shop!

A dear friend expecting her first child, a sweet little girl, shouldered me with a very large task way back in January: to make some very special Granny Hoops for the main wall in her new nursery.
I hemmed and hawed, pondered and mulled, fiddled and faddled, and sometime last week I finally put my foot down and grabbed an armload of yarn and my trusty hook and got down to business.
I had the requirement of coordinating nicely with the proud mama's chosen bedding, but to also feature a good bit of pink without going overboard.

As any frustrated creative person ought to do, I took a little inspiration from my surroundings...

...and came up with just the gosh darned cutest new Granny Hoops!

I don't normally like to too my own horn quite so loudly, but I am so happy with these!
I think I am even happier that I approached them with a very clear mind, didn't stress out about whether the new mama and wee one would like the chosen colors or not...I just crocheted.

I even went so far as to approach the dreaded twelve and fourteen inch hoops that have been giving me grief since last Summer.
And what do you know?  There's the new twelve inch hoop in all of it's pastel, gumdrop glory!

I would like to take my hat off and officially introduce you to the entire set of hoops now known as the 'Ice Cream Social' colorway.  They're (obviously) perfect for a wall in a nursery, to hang as decorations for a festive party, or if you're like me and have a light, dreamy, blue-green-yellow-white bedroom...well, I think they'd look pretty darned cute in that setting as well.
As with all my Granny Hoops, they range from a very dainty four inches in diameter to a rather bold twelve inches in diameter!
The fourteen inch motif isn't quite done yet. He is, in fact, sitting next to me and waiting (very patiently, I might add) to have a few rows yanked out and re-configured before he gets his big debut.

In other hoop-related news, all my Granny Hoops have had their portraits re-taken and have been updated in my shop; take a peek and brighten your day!


  1. Well played! Sweet shades. Love the pictures in front of the foliage, great textures.

  2. so pretty! i like the colour combination, and where you got your inspiration! very cool anna.

  3. Niiiiice. I found you through a pyrex blog. It's awesome that you're also a yarn lover. I love knitting/crochet and have a blog over at http://niksknits.blogspot.com.

  4. Love them, they are so cute!!
    Love the Grandma for the new baby girl!

  5. Gosh, thanks for all of the wonderful comments y'all! I'm so happy you like them as much as I do. :D

  6. You're blog is enchanting and so lovely to visit. Your work is beautiful with pretty-pretty colors.

  7. Hi, l love your crochet hoops, may I post your pic's of these on pinterest?
    Thanks Pippa:)


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