Very Special Visitors.

Some very special visitors came to town this past weekend.
And whenever we have any very special visitors, we always have very special food, drink, and folly.
Like Nettletown in Seattle's Eastlake neighborhood, where they like to remind you your smile is contagious and stuff you full of pickled fiddleheads, seabeans, and ramps. 

 And also like cozy Pegasus Coffee on Bainbridge Island, where you can get a strawberry-laden Pimm's cup with your tasty lunch.

Very special visitors are also escorted to a magical town in the North, where every shop is bursting with vintage and antique finds of the highest order.

A town where you can get lost in a corner and not find your way out for hours-possibly even days!

A town where you must have your hands tied behind your back at all times, lest you start grabbing every gorgeous piece of brightly colored vintage milk glass you happen upon.
Because you will happen upon boatloads of brightly colored vintage milk glass.
Most touting a little sticker that might send you into shock.
But then there are those stickers which have just the right number so you can snatch them up and carry them home.

Very special visitors are also quite lucky to have been on their very special visit at just the right time to view an installation of colorful jewel-toned yarn art.

Yarn art I could have spent hours photographing-so vibrant!

Yarn art that coordinated quite nicely with the accompanying hanging baskets.

Yarn art that can be viewed in Seattle's Pioneer Square, in Occidental Park.

I do so love having visitors!

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  1. So much color, I love it!!! Your blog is so fantastic, everyday I check it in hopes of a new one...thank you!


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