Warning: Gratuitous Pyrex Photographs Ahead

As the title says, you have been warned!  Proceed with caution...

I recently read that April, May, and June are the best times to scour the thrifts.
Because everyone is bitten by the Spring Cleaning bug at the same time and the thrifts end up overflowing with oodles and gobs of crackerjack finds!  I guess that might explain why, in less than two weeks, boyfriend and I have found some really amazing pieces of Pyrex.  Like this Barbed Wire divided dish (possibly the only divided dish I've ever really wanted, it's so not your typical pattern) and little Horizon Blue Cinderella bowl.

 Like these Snowflake Blue Cinderella bowls...

...which were found between two different thrifts.
I love when that happens.

Boyfriend showed up after a recent fishing trip with the teensy little 401 Primary Blue mixing bowl atop the others there.
We nabbed the opal 024 (the best size!) a few evenings ago after boyfriend made a Craigslist purchase for fly-tying materials. (What's with this fishing+Pyrex trend?!)
But the piece de resistance...and I can hear you all gasping and fluttering in anticipation here...the piece de resistance is the 404 Primary Green mixing bowl.
Do you know what that little bowl means?!

It means we finally have the complete set of Primary bowls! Finally! Finally! Finally!
I feel we couldn't really consider ourselves serious collectors until we had the most basic of bowls!
The little red bowl might not be the proper red bowl and belong to another set of bowls entirely, but we're going to ignore that and consider ourselves the proud owners of a full set of bowls.
 I think it's actually the only full set of bowls we own at this point.  Which would seem only a tad ridiculous if you could see how many bowls we own.  They just don't match each other!

But when things don't match you get to play around with color and create your own sets of bowls, which I think I enjoy much more than having so many matchy-matchy bits.
And then you get to create your own sets of precariously perched Pyrex.
Complete with a yarn cake to hold up the top!

What have you all been finding at the thrifts lately?!


  1. I love these Pyrex dishes. Its so hard to collect Pyrex here in England as our charity shops are so small, you only find one piece here and there. Still, its great when you spot that coveted piece from afar and rush over before someone else nabs it!!

  2. Looks like they are in such wonderful condition! And surprising since 3 of the 4 are the older thicker-walled bowls.

  3. Whoa! Lucky ducks!

    I think that the red bowl has to be a primary - what else would it be? Friendship? My Friendship is much more orange. I think you've got a full, and proper, set on your hands there, lady.



  4. Aah, Tonya, English Pyrex is SO much cooler! I'd simply croak if I found a piece here in the states! :)

    We thought it might be Friendship as well, sarah nicole! But since we only have 1 other piece of Friendship (divided dish) it was sort of hard to compare.

    SixBalloons: the red is definitely the thinner, newer, shinier version-the others are really burly!

  5. You've never seen English Pyrex there? I am in Canada - every so often, I see a piece. I have 3 casseroles without lids that I am looking to trade for regular Pyrex - the pics are on Flickr(my name is PrettyPyrex). Two are vegetable patterns, the other is Blue Iris.

  6. Beautiful, beautiful finds!! So glad you found the barbed wire piece!!


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