Wednesday Women 6.1.11

And to think that my mother always insists she looks nothing like my grandmother...
I can certainly see it in this late 1960's photograph!
Especially in their sweet smiles.
That's one thing I love about my entire family: they all have amazingly infectious smiles.

I hope you all had a lovely Wednesday.
Mine was fantastic!
(Even if it did involve 5 loads of laundry, a mountain of dishes, hand-washing a few hand-knit socks, and washing, rinsing and blocking some very stubborn pieces of new knits I made for myself!  More on those once they're dry...!)


  1. You can most certainly tell they are related!!They are even wearing the same shades of blue. Love the fender of the car - wish cars still looked that cool.

  2. I feel you on the fender comment! I actually had the same exact thought when I pulled this photograph out of the pile. :)


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