Wednesday Women 6.29.11

Today's photograph is of my grandmother on my paternal side of the family.
One miss Paralee Sharp.
An Oklahoman at heart.  A Californian for most of her life.
Who baked homemade biscuits multiple times a week.
Who would, at the height of the Central Valley's hundred degree Summer, bake fresh peach and nectarine cobblers with the required Cool Whip always thawing out in the fridge.

From this photograph you might think she was a wild and crazy, bright-floral-print-wearing, 1970's grandma.
But she was, in fact, one of the most prim and proper ladies I have ever known.
I suppose that's why I snapped up this photograph when I first saw it floating around in an old box: never have I ever seen her in anything quite this garish!

She had a closet full of dresses and skirts and modest blouses.
She went to the beauty parlor every week to get her hair coiffed.  And I do mean coiffed-a hairnet and reinforcement bobby pins were all carefully applied to her intricate bun every night before bed.
I remember an endless supply of rose-scented soaps, candy-striped toothpaste, and pretty pink powder in her bathroom.
I remember a cuckoo clock and a record player and rolling pins.

It is often good to remember.  Even the little things.


  1. Aww, that floral print is fantastic! Some of those things you remember about your grandma, I remember about my Mums auntie.
    I found some 70s photos of a couple on a cruise, they went on many cruises it seems and the lady had a fantastic 70s print long dress on. Wish I had bought those photos, might go back and see if they are there, feel like I need to rescue them!

  2. Oh, I often feel that same need to rescue photographs from the thrifts! But then I remember the boxes and boxes of my own family photographs and have to leave them there for someone else. You should definitely go back and rescue those-they sound AMAZING! :D

  3. I love old photos. They are so magical. When we cleaned out my grandmother's house I found a lot of beautiful handmade dresses and skirts. I kept a lot of them and have been incorporating them into my wardrobe. I really like your blog. Its super cute!


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