Whidbey Island Travelogue

We went on a quest.  
A quest to the long, skinny island of Whidbey, located a stone's throw from the mainland, serenely floating in the shadow of the Olympic Mountains.
A quest for a single stamp in our (very nerdy) National Parks Passport.
A quest that led us to rocky beaches.

 With tiny, crunchy crab shells littering our path.

To a peaceful cemetery where birds were chirping; the sweet and peppery smell of mowed grass was in the air; the bees were buzzing amongst the flowers; and where most of the pioneer souls who long ago discovered this island were still quietly watching over their home.

To a haunting maze of concrete and wildflowers...

...where an unmanned and decaying hundred-year-old military fort still watches over the entrance to the Sound.

*Unpoetic sidenote: If you have little boys (or not-so-little, ahem) and you happen to be visiting the Seattle area with nothing to do, I highly recommend you bring them to Fort Casey State Park on Whidbey Island for the day. It is an easy 40 minute drive from Seattle to the Mukilteo Ferry Terminal where you then board a small ferry (exciting!), ride for 15 minutes, then disembark and drive another short distance to the park.  I found it interesting to explore the quieter sections of the fort as it is a bit haunting. There are also bunnies and birds and wildflowers galore if flora and fauna are your fancy. Or you can send the menfolk off on their own adventure while you park it on the adjoining beach with a good book and a beach blanket. If it's any testament, we saw three grown men running around with flashlights and chasing each other...we think they were staging some sort of re-enactment...*

 Our quest led us to quiet corners for sunbathing.

And an historic dip in the island cliffs, otherwise known as Ebey's Landing National Historic Reserve.
Twas a good quest!

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