Desperately Seeking Desk

A couple of months ago, while boyfriend and I were house and dog sitting for friends, we found ourselves in very close proximity to a handful of gigantic thrift stores we normally don't venture to. I had been suggesting we make a Master Thrift list to have on hand every time we go on our thrift rounds, since we both have quite a few things we always look for.
Lamps were on my list.
If I had to pick between twenty-five lamps in a room or one overhead light, I would definitely choose the twenty-five lamp option. Fortunately for me (or not?) our living room doesn't actually have an overhead light. Nope. Not even an old, rumpled dent in the ceiling where one should be.  Just a switch on the wall that does nothing.

When we first moved into this little apartment seven years ago, I remember my mom came up for a visit and got all nesty on me and insisted we hit up the local Pottery Barn and Crate & Barrel for proper, grown-up lamps and shades, her treat.  We were no longer living in a big old house with multiple roommates in a tiny college town. We had our own apartment and needed a good and proper lighting situation.
You could say my arm was twisted. How can I argue with that?
We picked out some dark, heavy, brassy numbers, two with bright red shades, the other two with fancy golden shades. And while they were all rather fetching, they have never really felt quite right in our little home.

 So, when boyfriend and I found ourselves in the middle of a giant thrift store, staring at a wall of moderately priced lamps, I looked over and said: alright, lamps, we're doing this thing.
I think boyfriend's knees may have knocked a bit since I had that particular, crazed, re-decorating look in my eye, but he kept his cool.
Oddly enough, we found a match for the somewhat hideous purple lamp we already owned.  Of course, the matching lamp had no price and upon asking the clerk for a price, she said eight dollars 
I purchased the purple lamp for ninety-nine cents in college.  I just couldn't do it.
Lucky for us, boyfriend popped back in a few days later on his way home from work, and the same lamp had been priced and put back on the shelves at four dollars.  Now that I can do.
The middle lamp was a good price and while it appeared someone else had painted it with moons and stars and stripes, I had my own painting scheme in mind.

We took advantage of the fact we were house sitting and had a yard available for use, waited for a break in the rain, and set up our painting area.  You can probably see that boyfriend was in charge of the paint.  You can also probably see a big ol' drippy spot on the closer lamp in the photo.
Right...that's why boyfriend was in charge of the paint.
After I successfully applied a second coat the next day, I went out in search of clean, crisp, white lampshades at an affordable price.  I decided that all the red, gold, patchwork, and really odd umbrella lampshades in our little dwelling were out and to be replaced with lovely white lampshades.  Partly for continuity and partly because white lampshades do shed a bit more light.  Rather helpful when knitting.
I knew finding six matching lampshades at a thrift would be impossible, so after an extensive internet search, I turned to Target.
A few trips to multiple Target stores later...

...and we have bright, pretty, new lamps throughout our whole apartment!
It's like we moved into a totally different place.  The blue walls seem brighter; I was forced to remove all the darker, heavier objects off the walls (save those mirrors...which I have on my list to paint...just not sure what color); and now I can actually see when I'm working.

So what does all of this have to do with a desk?
After all the lamps were freshened up, I decided that working on the couch, taking up our one and only place to sit and watch television, was a pretty shoddy setup.  I needed a desk.
Since we have absolutely outgrown our tiny apartment (thanks to me and my business!), there is just no space to put another desk.  Boyfriend occupies the desk in the kitchen; I occupy the...ottoman in the living room.
So I got creative and decided my piano would make the perfect temporary desk!  Complete with a writing area (although small), a place to put my computer, and two snappy & bright lamps to light my yarny projects, I've officially set up my new home base.

There's plenty of room for me to work over here, while still allowing me to relax over on my couch when I'm not working.  Operating a business from home certainly has it's challenges, especially when you don't have a dedicated space in which to house all of your wares.

Someday I will have my own studio - heck, even a small room would be nice!
And I definitely think about what that space would look like multiple times a day.
But for now, at least I have a special place to sit and type to you all, where I can collect myself, organize myself, (talk to myself), and I have a colorful vintage map to gaze upon when I encounter a creative roadblock.


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  1. I love your new work area. The lamps are really great.


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