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If you follow me on Twitter, you may be aware that the boyfriend and I are house and dog sitting this week.
Which means we packed up the entire contents of our refrigerator, loaded our laundry hamper into the car, located every unread magazine in my reading basket and carted them down to our car, and headed on our merry way.

(Did a little midweek thrifting and all I found was a forlorn little Pyrex mug. Le sigh.)

Unfortunately, dog fur and dander aren't things I want adhering to the handknits for my Etsy shop, so I had to leave my yarn projects at home.  But I did bring plenty of things to keep me occupied: my computer, so I can talk to you all; my so-cute-I've-never-used-them-until-now Liberty for Target gardening gloves & garden nippers to trim our friends' less than perky rose bushes (won't they be surprised!), and my still in-progress craft booth project.

Which, as you can see, Molly Ringwald the dog has been guarding ever so watchfully for me in her back yard.
And yes, her name is Molly Ringwald.  And she has 1/3 of a functioning kidney.  And she has an 'old lady' case full of pills to take morning and night.  And she has the cutest little under-bite that a gigantic puppy dog could have.

(As you can see, not every product shot we take is worth using...)

In addition to being a busy bee and keeping an eye on Molly Ringwald the dog, there have been a few other things happening lately!
I woke up yesterday morning to an email from Ingrid of the Spanish blog Las Teje y Maneje, informing me she had written a wonderful little post featuring my Granny Hoops!  Needless to say, I am truly honored.  Thanks Ingrid!

(...that one wasn't good either...I need to work on my curtsy...)

A couple of weeks ago I also awoke to an email, the daily Etsy Finds email, which I open every single day with bated breath, wondering if there is even the slightest possible chance that one of my items might be featured...and hot damn!  There was the back of my little head and my Grass Wisteria Wrap among the pretties!  As you might guess, a lot of jumping, shrieking, and hand waving took place in my tiny kitchen.  Luckily, I was the only person home and I managed to keep my fancy new iPhone from flying across the room during my freak out.

(Oh look! A random outtake from a Pyrex photo shoot...)

And lastly I received yet another email, this one a few months ago, from a really amazing new craft show collective: Urban Folk Art Shows.  They contacted me to let me know about their show circuit, gushed about how much they love my Granny Hoops (I love 'em too, ladies!), and invited me to apply to be a part of their family!  I promptly did my homework and decided these people are right up my alley (initially based solely on their website design...isn't it adorable!?) and the next thing I knew I was getting an acceptance email!  Their inaugural craft show is coming up quicker than quick and will be held in Hillsboro, Oregon on October 6th-8th.  I am planning on being there with bells on, sporting a new and improved booth setup, new Fall items, and possibly even new colors of the Skipjack cowl!

I really encourage any fellow crafters to check out Urban Folk Art Shows-not only do they know what they are doing, but they are planning on eventually having their craft shows all over the country!  A big plus for those who don't want to travel far but still want to participate in a large event.

And with that, I'm off to bask in some backyard sunshine (the best part of Summer house sitting!) and catch up on my magazine reading.

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  1. that top photo, of the forlorn mug + rose + sunglasses? oh, it just made my day. so pretty! (have fun at the show in hillsboro. i am from portland but i don't live there now. i would totally go support you if i still did...i'll mention it to my two sisters!)


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