It's Christmas in July!

Surprise!!!  It's Christmas in July!
That's right.  It's the middle of July and I'm blathering on about Christmas.  Why?  Because oodles and gobs of Etsy shops do this every year and I am so happy to be able to participate this year and offer you a 30% discount on anything in my Etsy shop!
Skipjack Cowls, Wisteria Wraps, one-of-a-kind Kerchiefs, and even the newly (lower!) priced Granny Hoops are all a part of the sale.

The Atomic Christmas Ornaments are even back in the shop for the event!
It's only appropriate, they are holiday decorations.  I'd hate to leave them out of the fun.

So if you're the kind of person who likes to get their holiday shopping over with before Autumn even thinks about getting here, why not head over to my little shop and see if you can cross something off your list?
Or maybe you just want to treat yourself to a little something you've had your eye on for awhile?

Either way, starting today, July 14th and running through July 24th, use coupon code CIJ201130 at checkout to receive 30% off your entire order with Victory Garden Yarn!
Happy Christmas in July, friends!

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