Oh baby!

On a rainy, dreary Sunday, I walked myself onto a ferry and sailed across the water to spend an afternoon with two very dear friends.  The occasion?  To officially celebrate the anticipated arrival of a sweet baby girl.

 A sweet baby girl who (obviously) has a very proud, happy momma waiting to meet her.
And a sweet baby girl for whom I had the honor of creating and crocheting an entire set of colorful Granny Hoops.  

We three ladies had a lengthy lunch, gossiped about celebrities while gettin' our nails did, and at long last ventured into the nursery to approach a very important task: hanging the hoops.
My nine-month pregnant friend whipped out her toolkit, grabbed hammer and nails, and got a-hammerin'.
(Further proof that women, even about to give birth, can do anything!)
We two non-pregnant ladies fussed and fiddled and laid the hoops out on the floor to get a general idea of the perfect arrangement...

...and our task was complete!
We underestimated the amount of wall space we had to fill, so another hoop will be popped in the post to fill in a little extra space on the right.  And I do hope it will arrive before the baby does, since she's due in about a week!
I am so incredibly happy with how well the hoops matched the bedding my friend chose; I had been completely stressed out about the shades of green in the bedding and the fact that the particular yarn I use for my Granny Hoops isn't available in a similar bright grass green.
But in the end, using two complimentary shades of green actually tricks the eye into seeing a pretty close match!

Back on the quiet, empty ferry home, I had time to think about the day's events.
I plonked myself down on a bench in the corner, gazed out the window with my popcorn and hot coffee at hand (a personal ferry-riding tradition) and thought about my two friends and how long I've known them both.  One I met on my first day of middle school, my English class nervously thrown into pairs, each person in the pair coming from a different elementary school.  A very comical 'getting-to-know-you' session of giggles and laughs coming from our corner.
The other friend, someone I did not know until the later years of high school, both rolling our eyes over a slightly mad English teacher and a pair of nearby classmates who never failed to disgust us with their obsessive flirting during class.

And here we all are living two states away from where we grew up, within an hour of each other.  All in different places in our lives.  One about to have a baby.  One about to get a Master's degree.  And one who finally decided to try her hand at the life of an independent crafter.

I don't often think deeply about life's major events.  I am about to turn 30.  I often forget how old I am.  Ask me and I will probably say: wait, what year was I born?  What year is it now?  30 is just another number to add to my list of frankly unimportant things to forget.
And even though that number is fast approaching, it is a welcome thought that there are amazing people out there in the world who have known me since I was twelve, since I was sixteen, and while we may not see each other very often, I know they are always there.


  1. So sweet Anna! I enjoyed this! :)

  2. Yes- you are blessed to have each other so far away from central Calif. Thank you for making Rebecca's Sunday so fun, we will be up next week and hopefully we can see you two girls and meet the new baby girl!!Love the pics and hoops are BEAUTIFUL!!
    Fondly, Robbie Sanchez


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