Three Little Fridgies

 Boyfriend came home from work with a little surprise for me yesterday.
Needless to say, I almost passed out.
We almost never find fridgies on our thrifting escapades-let alone three, with lids, for only $1.99.

Sporting the two different lid types, the old and the new (well, newer), all three of these are actually in incredible condition.  Just a few flea bites here and there and no chips in the lids...that's a small miracle!
I feel like we are always seeing poor little red fridgies with almost no color left on their once shiny surfaces.
It's always just so sad.

 Even though we already own two of these little gems, who am I to refuse such a wonderful gift!?


  1. Oh you almost never find them with lids!! Good find. Speaking of finds - I saw you made the Etsy Finds Email - CONGRATS :)

  2. Those are a great find! My pyrex thrift shopping so far has been pretty lousy, but that doesn't mean I will stop trying!


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