Tomato Pie

Last Friday afternoon boyfriend and I did what we always do on Friday afternoons: jabber away at each other on a lengthy email train trying to figure out what to make for dinner; he at work, counting the minutes until 4:30, and me at home, scampering into the kitchen to see what proposed ingredients we happen to have in the larder. Even though we often come up with grandiose meal ideas in our email train, we usually end up grabbing an inexpensive oven pizza from the inexpensive grocery chain down the street, doctoring it up with seasonings and spices, then settling in on the couch with our quirky TV trays (mine says Okie Frijole! and boyfriends is from Burgermaster) and watching a movie.

 But last Friday was a different story.  Why?  Because it was nice out.  The sun started shining, the temperature decided to rise above 65, and my mouth instantly wanted something fresh.  Flavorful.  Summery.
I consulted the Rolodex in my brain and immediately went to T for tomato. 
Tomatoes...tomatoes...what can we make with tomatoes...?
Ah ha!  My Rolodex is so efficient: tomato pie.  Yes, we shall make tomato pie.  I just magazine was it that had the recipe?  The recipe I dogeared but forgot to rip out before tossing the magazine into the recycling bin many moons ago.  The recipe I never remember to look up when I am on the computer.  The recipe I do remember at the most inopportune times, such as when driving down the highway, when washing my hair, or while at the grocery store forlornly staring at a beautiful display of fresh, ripe tomatoes.

The recipe which (thankfully!) the nice magazine decided to publish on their website for flustered, hungry, tomato-craving readers like myself.
The recipe which, if you don't make in the next few days, you too might forget.  And trust me on this one?  You will be kicking yourself for days because you have missed out on one of the simplest, fastest, easiest, and most delicious things I have ever made.
Tomatoes, a sweet onion, basil, mayonnaise, Parmesan cheese, cheddar cheese (we had Colby jack on hand), salt, pepper, a frozen pie crust, and an hour or so later?  We had dinner.
Most of that hour was spent sitting, waiting, and sniffing in the general direction of our oven.
It didn't help our poor salivary glands at all that I decided a flavorful dish of black eyed peas and okra was the perfect accompaniment to this savory tomato pie.  Betty Crocker and her simple Southwestern Black Eyed Peas came to the rescue on that one.
(My edition of The Betty Crocker Cookbook is about 10 years old, just in case you can't find the recipe in an older version of the cookbook!  And I'd include it here for you, but that's sort of illegal, so.)

We ate it for dinner.  We ate it for brunch.  We discussed all of the ways to modify it: crumbled bacon, smoked cheddar, chopped ham, more vegetables.  This recipe really doesn't need improvement but is oh-so-easy to change with the switch of an herb or cheese.

We certainly didn't settle for an oven pizza, but ended up making the homier, tastier, better version of the same idea.
And it was so delicious.
Now go!  Make it!  Hurry!


  1. This looks and sounds sooo yummmmmy! Our garden is beginning to produce tomatoes, so I think I need to sit out there cheering them on to ripen. Give me an "R"! Give me an "I"..... OK, the neighbors are now looking at me funny.

  2. Tee hee! It is SO YUMMY! I'll send some 'ripe vibes' toward your tomatoes, Barb! I just hope they make it 1,000 miles and still work...


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