Wednesday Women 7.13.11

Today I would like to give the menfolk of my family a little love.
I was instantly smitten with this photograph when I plucked it from it's hiding place when cleaning out my grandmother's house.
The handsome man in the photo is my great uncle Kenneth.
I only ever saw him at family reunions when I was quite small, but I have fond memories of an incredibly sweet old man who didn't ever say very much, but who always had the same, shy grin on his face that you can see in this photograph.

I love how proud he is of his little niece and nephews.  You can see it so clearly in the gentle expression on his face.

I hope you are all enjoying a lovely Summer Wednesday!

And don't forget, I have a big announcement coming tomorrow, so pop by to see what all the fuss is about!


  1. I'm from Fresno and this house reminds me of my grandmother's and a lot of other wonderful old houses out in the country around there. Such wonderful memories. Thanks for sharing. I had an Uncle Jimmy like your Uncle Kenneth.

  2. Carla, this house is out in the fields between Poplar and Porterville so it's not too far away from you! And it's still there: saw it with my own eyes last fall! :)


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