Wednesday Women 7.27.11

One of the best parts of my week is on Wednesday when I get to sift through my envelopes of old family photographs, look at the smiling faces over and over again, figure out which photo fits my mood of the day, and share my thoughts with you all.

This week I am very excited to share a photograph not from my family archives, but a photograph from boyfriend's family archives!
This here is his adorable mother, obviously enjoying what appears to be a quality jar of marshmallow fluff in an of-the-moment kitchen complete with fantastically flowered wallpaper, avocado green bread box, and enviable potholders.
I ask you: does it get any cuter?!
Last year boyfriend and his sister concocted a very sneaky plan to surprise their parents on their 40th wedding anniversary.  Not only did the surprise include a visit from the boyfriend and me, but a very carefully planned memory book full of photos, letters, and stories contributed in secret from people around the globe.
Early on in the planning boyfriend received an email from his sister chock full of amazing photos of their parents over the last 40 years and this happened to be among them.
When we came across this one boyfriend managed to squeak out: Oh my gosh, look how cute my mom is!!!
Yes boyfriend, I think we're all in agreement here: your mom is pretty darn cute!

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  1. Aw VERY cute! And I love the gift your boyfriend came up with for them. :)


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