Wednesday Women 7.6.11

So. I've been working on a secret little project.
And as with most of my little projects, a few trips to the thrifts were involved.
On one trip I hit the jackpot for exactly what I was looking for (yay!) and inside one of the thrifted items I happened to throw in my basket was this photograph.

At first glance I excitedly thought to myself,
Oh goodness, those look like some of my Oklahoma relatives I met only briefly when I was little!
Then I squinted my eyes and inspected a bit closer...
Oh, well, no.  Not my relatives...but gosh, they're adorable!
The glasses! The shoes! The hounds-tooth and polka dots! 
The swing with the fringe on top!

So today I am not sharing a photograph that is a part of my extensive collection of personal family photographs, but a photograph from someone else's family collection.
A photograph that happened to be in the right place at the right time.
A photograph that has definitely seen better days.
And a photograph that has, in three different types of pen, May 76, Aunt Tilly written upon its back.

Are these ladies your relatives?  Is that your Aunt Tilly?!

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  1. I've not commented before, but just have to say, I LOVE Wednesday Women. So sad when family photos go astray.


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