Happy Thrifty (Birthday!) Thoughts-Part One

Oh my goodness friends, I finally took the time to shine up all of the pretty pieces of vintage housewares we found over my birthday weekend and I am in absolute heaven here!  Let me just say that not only were we exhausted after almost two full days of thrifting and antiquing, but I was exhausted after cleaning it all!  Sensory overload to the extreme.
For once in our thrifting lives we actually found some incredibly good prices on some incredibly good pieces and some of it was on sale, to boot!  I envy you people who always seem to find a great deal!
(Boyfriend's mom and your $5 New Dots Pyrex 404 bowl? I'm talkin' to you!)
I don't normally like to say how much we pay for our thrifted items, but I'm going to include the prices here this time because I'm just so stunned at how little we paid!

Here are just a few snapshots I took today after cleaning it all up.  I'm breaking up all of this loveliness into two posts because there is just so much...stay tuned for part two on Thursday!

Boyfriend's dream of one day owning each of the solid color Pyrex mugs is slowly becoming a reality with this shiny orange number.
And lo and behold, we unearthed these two little atomic star burst plates for fifty cents each at a local thrift.  They are by Homer Laughlin, an American china manufacturer who produced a ton of different patterns, and I have yet to figure out which pattern this is...but if anyone happens to know, I'd appreciate any help with the name! Having a small set of these would certainly be lovely, wouldn't it?!
And the grey platter peeking out from underneath was one of boyfriend's thrifty finds.  From our quick little phone searches while still in the store, we determined that it is definitely from the 1960's and is a 'chop plate' by Universal, the Ballerina collection.  Adorable!  And only three dollars.

Next to our leaning tower of mugs, that is what you think it is: an original Westclox Moonbeam alarm clock.  
Sadly, she doesn't work and we may have paid just a teensy bit too much for her because of that very fact ($30...eep!) but my mom knows of an antique clock repair man in my hometown, so we might do a few inquiries!  Besides, I've always wanted one of those little clocks and you don't come across them very often.  
She's such a pretty shade of butter yellow bakelite!

These two enameled sheet cake pans were in desperate need of a bath, so we rescued them along with the lovely little blue enameled sauce pot (or pitcher, if you prefer).  All were half off (jackpot!) and we realized after we were long gone from the checkout counter that the girl only rang us up for one sheet pan, the dingy white one on top that was priced at one dollar after the discount.
Most excellent.

The last find I will share with you today is one of boyfriend's treasures.  It is a batter bowl.  It is marked, although it is hard to read.  We know it is by Haeger USA and believe it is an older piece.  I only say that because it has the proper little 'vents' on the underside where it would have sat on stilts in the kiln-boyfriend swears that means it is old.
Even if it's not vintage, hey! It's still darn cute and was priced at three dollars.

Oh goodness, I do believe that ol' thrifty sensory overload has set in again so I will leave you to your photo viewing...just don't linger too long or you too will start to feel woozy from it all!  Stay tuned for part two on Thursday!


  1. Wow! Loving all of the stuff, glad you posted about it! :)

    That orange mug is so cool - haven't come across any solid colored Pyrex mugs yet. Boo. The atomic star plates are great, too. It all is.

  2. Love the clock and everything else too!!!

  3. I love the mugs! My mom has one of those little sauce pots. They're so cute.

  4. Ohhh, ohhh, that clock is perfect. Ohhh I am in vintage heaven! Happy Birthday again and what gorgeous finds you've got!

  5. I HAD two matching oval platters for that Homer Laughlin design. If you check the Burien Goodwill they might still be there!

  6. happy birthday!

    I like these mugs, they are so good colored. Are they white insaid, like the other pyrex dishes?
    I like the pyrex dishes, they are so antidepressive :-)
    (I am from Estonia, its a small country in Europe, and I have never seen the real old pyrex dishes like in pyrex collective blogs. they are so colorful and pretty!
    something new, maybe european pyrex?, here is, but it is not so good colored.)

  7. FANTASTIC Finds!!! What a great idea for a birthday pressie, think I may ask the same for mine, hopefully I'll have as much luck :-)

  8. Never seen the Haeger batter bowl before - liking it a LOT!


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